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Body Waxing

 All body waxing is done with champagne hard wax. Women only. No male waxing is available. No exceptions. No hairs will be left un-waxed. The best Brazilian waxing in Jacksonville done with hard Brazilian wax. 

Chandon Brazilian wax $70

 Complete Brazilian waxing includes front and back. Please arrive on time so a mild topical anesthetic can be applied on the area for your max comfort. 

Bikini Wax

 Get bikini ready for the summer. Unwanted hair is removed from inner upper thighs and back.  

The Best Brazilian Waxing in Jacksonville

No waxing services can be done if you have sunburn.

How to prepare for a Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is a very personal service and some guidelines must be followed in order to promote a comfortable working atmosphere for the client and for the service provider. 

Here are the guidelines to be followed:

* Shower before hand or cleanse the area well.

* Hair must be no longer than 1/2 inch to minimize pain.

* Area must be free of oils, lotions, creams, etc.

* Only one person at a time is allowed in the service area. No boyfriends. No husbands. No friends. 

* Arrive on time to apply a numbing cream five minutes prior to waxing.

* If you have a sunburn wait until your skin is healed.