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Membership Benefits

  •  You receive two pre-booked infills per month for only $39 per infill.
  • Booking priority over non members.
  • 20% off on all other beauty services including eyebrow sculpting, makeup, facials, peels, and microderm. 
  • 10% off retail products
  • And YES! Every time you need a brand new set of classic eyelash extensions you will pay only $79.

All this for just $20 per month.

Questions and Answers

How much does the monthly membership cost?

You pay $20 monthly for Xpress Lashes membership. Non-refundable when you cancel your membership.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

If you are not absolutely happy with your lashes you may discontinue your monthly membership. 

Why is it just $79 for a set of individual eyelashes?

Experience and speed without compromising quality of service  are the main focus when applying eyelash extensions. Xpress Lashes delivers just what you want.

What kind of lashes are used for the application?

Light and glamorous Cashmere lashes.

How to prepare for your eyelash appointment

No talk, No coffee?

* Your eyes must be clean and dry at least one hour before your eyelash appointment to ensure long lasting retention of your lashes.

* Do Not drink coffee or any caffeine containing drinks before your appointment so your eyes wont twitch during application making it impossible to work on your lashes. If your appointment must be rescheduled due to caffeine issues a minimum fee of $50 will be charged to compensate lost time.

* Talking during the service makes your eyes move. Please relax and take a nap during your session.

* A full set may take up to two and half hours. Make sure to set aside enough time. 


If you are late the amount of time spent on your lashes will lessen. I can not take away the time of the next client. Please be on time for your appointment for maximum results and satisfaction.

* I do not remove lashes poorly applied by other technicians. 


I only work with the finest and softest materials available: mohair, cashmere, and human hair. 

Why don't I offer 100% natural mink? Because mink does not hold its curve. The lashes soon become flat and straight.


Eyelash extensions are just that: extensions, and not implants. You need to have some lashes available to work with. Also, thin lashes cannot and will not hold heavy extensions. So please be realistic about the look you want to achieve with your lashes. If in doubt, you may send me a picture of your own lashes so we can determine what would be the best for your eyes. :)


How long will your lashes will last?

February 1, 2018

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

How to extend the life of your lashes

Fine quality materials and experience are the main factors that influence retention of your lashes. Here are the main reasons people lose their lashes 

* ALLERGIES: Eyelash extensions are not recommended for people with latex or formaldehyde allergies. 

What if you choose a glue for "sensitive eyes"?  There's still a possibility of allergic reaction and due to the strength of the glue, your lashes won't hold up as long. 

* Refills are recommended every two weeks.

* If 50% or more lashes are missing, it may mean a whole new set is needed because chances are the remaining lashes are about to be lost also. They will be removed and new lashes applied. 

* High humidity, sleeping on your side, steamy showers, rubbing eyes, tearing often, high winds and salt air - Ex.: boating, motorcycling, oily makeup, swimming, sweating. 

* Eyelashes are extremely delicate. Do not stand too close to bonfires- they will curl up and turn into pompons. 


You may purchase sealer, but be aware that this may cause your lashes to stick together causing discomfort due to the lashes pulling together. When the sealer re-bonds the lashes it makes refills more time consuming because the lashes are stuck together. 

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